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Beschrijving van iPhone Message Emoji plugin

This is an emoji plugin for the iphone message application that allows you to easily insert emoji icons into your text messages. Choose from over 845 of them!

Support the ios 6.0 new emoji!

Note1: This plugin requires the iphone message app (at least v1.11) to be installed.

Note2: The iphone user must be IOS 5.01/5.1.

Once installed, how do in the iPhone Message:

- Use the menu.

- Select the "insert smile" item, you can see the emoji dialog, just click the emoji that you like.

Note: the receiving party typically needs a smartphone device(such as iphone, android phone that installed go sms or iphone message app) in order to see them, otherwise they will just see empty square icons.

When trying SMS, please note that many network carriers will corrupt emoji text especially when emoji being sent across networks. Please understand that I cannot fix network carrier's problem.

If this app works for you, congratulations!

If not, please help me understand your problem by email me this information:

1. Your Android model and make.

2. Sender and receiver network carrier.

3. The app that you use with emoji

4. Your country

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